Setting up UrlHum for a private organization

Set Short URLs to be created only by users and close users registrations

If you want to use UrlHum for your organization and you or your colleagues must be the only one allowed to create Short URLs, you can follow this guide to achieve this.

This is a great opportunity to create an organization Short URL to track its own URLs shared on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on!

To begin, login in your admin account and go in the settings section present in the menu.
There, set the settings this way:

Make website privateEnabled
Enable users registrationDisabled
Show latest public create URLs in guest homepageDisabled
Allow anonymous creation of Short URLsDisabled

Now you're all set up.
If an user visits your website will be redirected to the login page and will not be able to sign up. But you, as an admin, will be able to create new users account.
More, your Organization's Short URLs will not be publicly visible in a list on the homepage!