Create new Short URL

This endpoint allows to create a new Short URL.

Endpoint: /url
Method: POST


urlyes-The URL to shorten.string
custom_urlnoGenerated by UrlHumThe shortened URL.string
is_privatenonoIf the URL must not be listed in the public URLs (0/1)
hide_statsnonoIf the URL statistics must be hidden to users who aren't owner of the (0/1)

Successful response

In case of success, you receive a 200 status code and the following JSON example response:

  "message": "Success! Short URL created.",
  "short_url": "WOz1"

If the long URL already exists, you will receive a response like this:

  "message": "The Short URL for this destination already exists.",
  "short_url": "WOz1",
  "long_url": "https:\/\/"


In case of handled errors (not 500), you can receive a 409 error if there are problems (listed below) or 403 if you don't have permissions to create the Short URL.

Url parameter cannot be blank or nullYou didn't include the required url parameter in the request, it is blank or null.
This short URL already exists.You included the parmeter custom_url, but such custom url already exists on UrlHum. Choose another custom url.