Learn what you need to run UrlHum on your own servers

UrlHum is built using PHP and the Laravel Framework.
At the moment it has been tested with PHP 7.4. Any version below doesn't work with UrlHum.


UrlHum is under heavy development!

At the moment the project isn't still stable enough to be used in production environments. Please do not use UrlHum in a production server. We could change and / or remove functions in any moment.
If you want to use UrlHum to help, you're welcome; but using it in production is extremely dangerous.

UrlHum has been tested with this configuration:

  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • PHP 7.4
  • Nginx 1.14
  • Laravel ^8.0

We require the same PHP extensions as Laravel does. You can check the Laravel Server Requirements.

UrlHum also needs, just like Laravel, that you have installed on your server:

  • GIT
  • Node.js
  • NPM
  • Composer (aren't you using it?)

What’s Next

We can now go on and install UrlHum.