Version 0.2 - Beta release

After so much work, we managed to have a new 0.2 version of UrlHum, which is pretty stable (though it is still in beta), with so much changes. You can review them here:


  • added: Honeypot: now bots have an hard life!
  • added: Feature: add custom HTML in website footer
  • added: Feature: add a favicon to website
  • added: Option to disable HTTP referers in Analytics
  • added: Users email verification and setting to block unverified users to manage Short URLs
  • added: Spanish, Chinese and Italian translations
  • added: Travis CI and Style CI support
  • added: Crowdin Support
  • added: Basic Docker Support
  • added: Too many unit test, coverage up to 86%
  • added: Created settings:set and settings:reset bash commands
  • improved: Privacy focus: HTTP referers are disabled by default
  • improved: Settings initialization method: now db:seed isn't needed anymore for settings
  • improved: Short URLs generation: now generated based on the $incrementing key in database, using Hashids (uniqueness)
  • improved: Custom Short URLs and Long URLs validation
  • improved: Code quality: code has been cleaned up and improved readability
  • fixed: Show guests latest URLs not working (#16)
  • fixed: Logo not showing on mobile for guests (#17)
  • known: UrlHum doesn't work anymore with PHP 7.1 because of Hashids. Required 7.2 & up now